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Mastering Google Sites

The 2024 Guide to Maximize Web Presence: “Mastering Google Sites” with 30 Surprising Things You Never Knew You could do with Google Sites.  

Available for purchase here.

Top 7 Most Frustrating Things in Google Sites and How to Fix Them

Google Sites

Google Sites, a popular tool within Google Workspace (& Personal Gmail), offers a user-friendly builder to create and maintain websites. However, Google Sites has its own challenges and limitations (just like any tool). Let's dive into the top 7 most frustrating things in Google Sites and I'll provide solutions to fix them.

Three Options to Add Video as a Background Image in Google Sites

Google Sites background video

Learn three easy ways to add video as a background in Google Sites, including converting videos to animated GIFs and embedding them directly from your computer, Google Drive, or by URL. Enhance your site's interactivity with these simple solutions.

Five Simple Methods and Tips for Adding Tables to New Google Sites

How to add beautifully designed table into Google Sites

Learn how to easily add beautiful tables to your new Google Sites using Google Sheets, HTML, and more. Step-by-step guide included!

Your Google Sites with "www" and Naked Domain for better SEO

Optimize your Google Sites with custom domain mapping. Boost SEO by configuring both www and naked domains

Google Business Profile Website Will Be Discontinued Soon...How to Migrate to Google Sites.

Google is discontinuing its Business Profile Website feature. Learn about your options for creating a website for your business in this informative article.

Top 5 Google Sites Hacks for Beginners

Google Sites Hacks

Unleash your Google Sites magic! Embed, design, navigate & wow with these beginner-friendly hacks. No code needed! ✨ Mobile-ready & visually stunning. Start building today!

Navigating the Mobile-First Indexing Era: Building a Mobile-Friendly Website on Google Sites

Google Sites for Mobile-First Indexing

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, Google's transition to mobile-first indexing marks a significant milestone, emphasizing the paramount importance of mobile-friendly websites. With the majority of internet traffic now originating from mobile devices, businesses and individuals cannot afford to overlook the impact of mobile optimization on their SEO performance.

How to Create a Good Testimonial Design on Google Sites: A Simple Hack.

Google Sites Testimonials snippets

When consumers have a plethora of choices at their fingertips, trust and credibility become paramount for businesses. When someone visits your website, you have just a few seconds to capture their attention and convince them that your product or service is worth their time and money. One of the best ways to capture this is via testimonials.

🎉 Embracing Emojis: The New Google Sites Update and Why It Matters 🚀

Adding emojis to a website can offer several benefits, both from a user experience and a branding perspective. From expressing emotions to capturing attention, these tiny symbols have a big impact. And now, with the latest update on Google Sites, adding emojis to your website has never been easier!

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Google Sites

Create a standout Google Sites website! Avoid common mistakes like missing favicons, short links, social icons, Google Analytics, and mobile responsiveness.

How to Set Up an E-Commerce Store on Google Sites

Settting up E-commerce for Google Sites

Creating an e-commerce store on Google Sites can be a cost-effective and straightforward solution for individuals and small businesses looking to start selling products online. Google Sites, a free website builder from Google, offers an intuitive interface and easy integration with payment service tools, making it an attractive option for those already using Google's ecosystem. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of setting up your ecommerce store on Google Sites.

Google Sites Updates 2023: First Half Recap - Enhancing User Experience and Collaboration

Google Sites Updates 2023 first half recap

Discover the latest updates on Google Sites in 2023, including alternative text, button alignment, real-time collaboration, customizable content density, and page frame color.

How to Add a Google My Business and Review Widget to My Google Sites

Google Sites is a popular tool among both professional and novice website developers. Known for its easy-to-use interface, its popularity has been rising steadily. Adding a Google My Business (or GMB) Review Widget to your Google Sites can significantly increase trust and engagement with your potential customers.

Gamify Your Google Sites with Games

Gamify your Google Sites

Google Sites is a free and easy-to-use website builder that allows users to create and publish websites without any coding skills. With its simple interface and drag-and-drop functionality, Google Sites has become a popular choice for individuals and organizations to create their own websites.

Experimenting Bing's Image Creator to create Image from Text

How to use Bing's Image Creator

Creating visual content that stands out is crucial for individuals and businesses alike. Fortunately, with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), generating high-quality images has never been easier. Bing's Image Creator is a tool that leverages AI to enable users to create stunning images effortlessly. In this article, we'll dive into how to use Bing's Image Creator and discuss the copyright protection of AI-created images.

How to align a Google Sites button to fit the button text

Google has finally released alignment options for buttons. Previously, the size of the button was tied to the size of the group of images or text above it. The new release allows you to adjust the button size with the alignment feature, allowing you to align buttons to the left, center, or right within a group.

Tips for Regularly Backing Up Your Google Sites

To commemorate World Backup Day on March 31st, I want to provide you with some details on how you can establish a routine for backing up your Google Sites.

Using Google Sites as a Stock Image Search Tool

Have you ever been looking for the perfect image to use in your blog post or website, only to find that the images you like are all copyrighted? Or maybe you've found some free images, but they're not quite right? If so, you'll be glad to know that you can use Google Sites as a stock image search tool! Here's how.

Embedding CSS on Google Sites: Text in Box

Google Sites is your gateway to ultimate customization. With the ability to apply script and CSS, as well as choose from a wide range of Google fonts, your site will be a unique masterpiece. And if you're looking to add some creative flair to your text, there are a few tricks up our sleeve. Use the code font for a simple, yet effective way to display text within a box with a background color. Or, if you want to take it a step further, add some CSS code to create rounded rectangles with custom fonts and background images or colors.

The Importance of Using a Clear and Concise H1 Tag for SEO in Google Sites

Google Sites and H1, H2 tags

When it comes to optimizing your website for search engines, there are many factors to consider. 

One of the most important aspects of SEO is the use of proper heading tags, specifically the H1 & H2 tag.

Boost Your Professional Image: Why Investing in a Custom Domain and Business Email is Essential for Your Google Sites Website

Business Growth with Google Sites

Your website serves as the face of your business, and therefore, creating a visually appealing and well-designed Google Sites website is essential. You have the option to select from free templates or purchase premium Google Sites templates to ensure that your website accurately reflects your brand's image.

How to Create an Effective Landing Page Using Google Sites

Have you ever wanted to drive more traffic and leads to your website? If so, creating a landing page that converts is the key to success. Landing pages are an essential part of any digital marketing strategy, as they allow you to capture leads and convert them into customers. Google Sites can be used for creating landing pages. With its customizable templates and drag-and-drop interface, it's a user-friendly solution for creating landing pages with a professional look and feel.

Convert Your Google Sites as Pitch Deck

Convert Google Sites to Pitch Deck

Your Google Sites can be a great tool for presenting your pitch deck. Yes, Microsoft Powerpoint slides and Google slides already offer this, and you can build pitch deck slides and share them with a link. However, there are two major drawbacks in powerpoints and Google Slides. 

To start with, all Google Slides links begin with, which is a very long url. Also, the link is too long, so the recipient may hesitate to open it, thinking it is a phishing or invalid link. Besides, your brand hardly reflects this link.

Google Sites Kick Start Guide for 2023

Get Started With Google Sites for New Year 2023

If you are looking for an easy way to create a website or an intranet for your business or organization for 2023, Google Sites is an ideal option. This powerful tool from Google allows you to quickly and easily create a robust website without needing any coding knowledge. With this step-by-step tutorial, you will be able to quickly get started with Google Sites and create a website that is perfect for your needs. Whether you are creating a portfolio website, a company intranet, or simply a place to showcase your work, Google Sites is easy to use and versatile enough to meet all your needs.

How to Design the Perfect Header and Footer for Your Google Sites - Tips and Tricks

Google Sites Layout - Navigation, Header, Body, Footer

All websites have four major sections. The navigation bar, header, body, and footer. The header and footer are equally important as the body, and making them stand out will create an everlasting impression. 

In this article, I'll show you how to make it stand on Header and Footer in Google Sites.

Four Options to Add Live Chat to Your Google Sites

Live Chat in Google Sites

Live chat is one of the most effective ways to provide customer service, build customer loyalty and drive website conversions. This feature allows businesses to interact with customers in real-time, providing an engaging, personalized experience that can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. Not only does live chat provide customers with an immediate response to their questions, but it also offers businesses a variety of benefits, such as increased sales, improved customer service, and greater customer engagement. By integrating a live chat feature into your Google Sites, businesses can take advantage of these benefits and create a better customer experience. Here are four types of live chats that you can implement to your Google Sites.

How to build multi-language Google Sites and connect with domains.

Google Sites with multiple langauges

A Google Sites is very easy to design, so if you want additional language on your site, you can simply copy the entire site and translate it with different languages. You'll need a custom domain once you've translated your site. Here's how you can add an additional domain to your Google Domains account for your 2nd language Google site.

Do you need Google Workspace for Google Sites?

Google Sites comes with free gmail and Google Workspace as part of Google Service. For free gmail accounts, you can use Google Sites without paying any hosting fees. Furthermore, it does not have a storage limit or a bandwidth limit. This website builder is perfect for small businesses and startups.

How to prevent your Google Sites from being mistaken for a phishing site and how to report Phishing Google Sites


There are almost 1 million Google Sites in the world. They are widely used due to their ease of use, integration with Google services, security and Google search friendliness. Many corporations use google sites internally or publicly as an intranet and some governments built entire websites on Google sites.

5 SEO Tips for Google Sites

Google Sites SEO Tips

Google Sites is always Google's best choice to use electricity for web hosting. And, as always, Google offers a lot of advice and support to help people use its platforms and tools. However, this is not the only resource you have when looking for the SEO mind map for your Google Sites. We have created this guide to help you get the information you need to develop your search engine optimization strategy.

Why Buy Google Sites Templates as NFTs make sense

Google Sites Templates NFTs

In the world of modern business, things are rapidly changing. More and more people are looking for new ways of doing business that cut out unnecessary middlemen and costs. Instead of using expensive intermediaries to buy something, more people are turning to services as NFT contracts. Then why isn't this concept used on Google sites? Here's how this new concept works.

Adjust Margin wherever you want with new Spacing option in Google Sites

In case you're stuck due to margin limitations in Google Sites, here's good news for you! The spacer feature in Google Sites allows you to have a more flexible margin between image and text sections. Having this option makes designing a webpage much easier for web designers. In Google Sites, you can select Compact, Cozy, or Comfortable spacing from Custom Themes, but this option isn't available if you select default themes like Simple, Aristotle, or Diplomat.

How to Build a Contact Us Form for Your Website That Generates Leads

Contact us form for website

Creating a contact us form on your website may not seem like the most exciting thing to do. But trust us, it’s worth your while. Creating a contact form is one of the most effective ways of generating leads for your business. The more effective you are at getting visitors to fill out your contact form and click on the submission button, the more leads you will get from your website. After all, if people can’t get in touch with you, they won’t be able to buy anything from you!

Your Ultimate Guide to Creating CTA Custom Buttons for Google Sites

CTA buttons for Google Sites

Web buttons are clickable call-to-action (CTA) images that often appear on websites as an alternative to text-based links. You can use it on your website to increase conversions by creating an appealing visual link to your products/services. 

Google Sites offers three options for CTA buttons: Filled, Outline, and Text. However, if you want your site to be attractive and professional, you need to add more style. I'll show you how to create beautiful CTA buttons and icons for your Google Sites.

7 Key Features of Google Sites

Google Sites Key Features Thumbnail image

As we had finished hundreds of Google Sites projects for the past few years, we've discovered some great features that all Google Sites fans would appreciate. Let's dive in.

Host your Google Sites on Firebase and Make it as an App.

Google Firebase is an application development platform that makes it easy to build web applications and apps. With Google Sites, you can build a free website by using the url and adding your own domain.

Unlike wix, Google Sites can be exported and downloaded as HTML files and hosted under Google Firebase. 

How to make Linktree on Google Sites

What is Linktree? Linktree is a landing page service that provides a list of links to all your social media accounts, websites, and brands. Linktree allows you to create a custom and diversified web page full of important links to share with your clients. 

It's free, but you must pay for extra features like adding SEO meta tags, connecting to Google Analytics, and changing the background photos. For example, you can build something like above for free and share the link.

Google Sites: A Cost-Effective Alternative to WordPress

Google Sites vs. Wordpress

Google Sites is an alternative to WordPress for websites that are simple, organized and easy to manage. Google Sites is a free web-authoring tool from Google, available as part of Google Apps. 


Because it’s part of Google Apps, you don’t need a domain name or hosting to set up your site. (You can of course add a domain to Google Sites as well) You can create sites with content stored in Google Drive. Users can access your website on any device and see it how they want by viewing its mobile version.

Recap of Google Sites Updates in 2022 thru July

Google Sites Update Recap of 2022

I can't believe how fast time passes! The second half of 2022 is already over, and it's August already.

Here are some of the major updates Google has announced in this year's Google Sites.

Embed a Clock and Countdown widgets for Google Sites

Google Sites with Clock and Countdown widgets

Today, everyone is online. A vast majority of people spend their time online on different websites. You may need to add useful widgets to differentiate your website and give it a personal touch. The clock widget and countdown widget are two of the most common and useful widgets. With them, you can build an interactive website without much effort. This article explains how to add clock and countdown widgets to your website in less than 10 minutes!

Your ultimate guide to setting up a custom domain on Google Sites

Add a custom domain to your Google Sites

There is no doubt that adding a custom domain to your Google Sites is a popular question as well as a daunting task. Throughout this article, we will explain how to easily add a custom domain to your site.

Use Google Sites as Bookmark Manager

Convert Google Sites as Bookmark manager

The Internet is an endless source of information. If you’re looking for something in particular, like how to build a bookshelf or the population of Uruguay, the chances are that you’ll find what you’re looking for with just a few searches. But what if you come across a website or blog post that you know you’d want to revisit? In these instances, bookmarking websites comes in handy. 

Many web browsers such as Chrome and Brave allow you to bookmark pages and link them to your account. However, what if you have multiple accounts or machines and want to keep your bookmarks somewhere safe? You may find it difficult to locate them when you need them right away.

Convert Google Sites as an Unlimited Storage Space

Google Sites as unlimited storage

In today's digital world, we have to manage and store a lot of files. Google Photos, for example, allows me to sync my iPhone photos to Google Photo storage. However, it's becoming more expensive to store my data as time goes by, because I have to buy more storage and pay a monthly fee.

Google sites can be used as a personal website, company website, or intranet. You can even use Google sites as a photo repository space. Google sites do not use any storage space, unlike google docs or non google docs files like PDFs.

Why Google Sites is Perfect for Under Construction page

If you’re making a website, it’s probably because you have something worth sharing with the world. But what happens if your site isn’t ready yet? Well, instead of giving your visitors nothing at all, you should give them a website under construction page. 

Google Sites is a great tool for creating one-page construction sites. Start with a template or embed a photo gallery image and enter a title.

The best way to copy a set of Google Sites pages

Copy selected pages in Google Sites

Suppose you want to carry out A/B testing on a certain webpage, modify the webpage's look and feel, or copy certain pages exclusively. Instead of copying the entire site, you may start by copying one or more pages.

Embed content as a full page in Google Sites

Embed content as a full page in Google Sites Animated GIF by Google

Google Sites lets you add content as a full page. You can add custom code, another website, and Google apps like Google Maps, YouTube as fully functioning full pages. Rather than showing the content within a page, this allows you to display the entire piece as a page. With this update, editors have more freedom to organize and display embedded content.

How Google Sites can help your class and school.

Source: Google for Education

Your school probably uses Google Workspace for Education to store student information, organize class documents, and facilitate collaboration. But if you aren’t using Google Sites as part of your integrated strategy, then you are missing out on some great benefits! If you are currently using Google Sites in your school, keep reading to learn why you should use it more. If you aren’t using Google Sites yet, keep reading to learn why you should start!

How to Create a Custom Google Sites Theme

Google Sites Custom Theme

There are some Google Sites themes that have limited customization options. While you can tweak them to change the colors and fonts, there are certain elements that are pre-defined and cannot be modified. 


A custom theme on Google Sites gives you more control over how your site looks and feels. Not only does it let you make small tweaks, but you can also go wild with it to completely personalize your site. 


This article explains what a Google Site theme is and how to create one of your own and manage them.

Google Sites and Content Management System

Google Sites has a built-in content management system (CMS) that lets you see revision histories and revert to previous versions.

This is convenient because content management systems help you control your site. It means having the ability to update, change or delete any images, text, video or audio - really anything at all! And it's so easy and organized too. 

You can restore a single page or an entire site. Here’s how.

How to download images and HTML from Google Sites for website migration.

Google Sites Export

When it comes to google sites, you may need to know how to get the site downloaded in order for you to be able to use it on various platforms. 

Depending on your site's version, there are ways that can help with downloading all of the files and images within your website.

Get the Most Out of Google Business Profile Manager

What is Google Business Profile Manager

Google Business Profile Manager makes it easier than ever for businesses to keep track of their Google business profile information from one location. That means you no longer need to keep track of separate Google business account URLs, phone numbers, and email addresses for each of your businesses. Instead, you can manage all of your business’s Google business profile information from one single location. 

This is a great time to check your Google business profile information to make sure your business information is up to date, and ensure you’re getting the most out of Google’s numerous features for local businesses. Here are some tips to get you started with Google Business Profile Manager.

Three ways to upload and store images in Google Sites.

When you create a new Google Sites, it is automatically saved to your Google Drive. Yes, your entire website in Google is treated as a file and can be shared just like other documents that are found on google drive. Google Sites has no storage limit, and Drive doesn't count any storage. So you can upload as many images or text to your Google Site as you like without worrying about it consuming your Drive space. There are other ways to upload and display images on Google Sites that may have advantages over what we've seen so far. Let's find out.

Google Sites FAQ for Year 2022

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about google sites. You might find these questions on various forums or social media sites. Read through to find the answers to your queries. You can also join our Google Sites Community Facebook page, Sites Templates Newsletter to interact with the community and receive personalized advice from the experts.

The Benefits of Google Sites: What It Can Do For Your Business

Google Sites Website Builder

Websites have become the de facto marketing and communication tool for many businesses. With the right CMS (content management system), businesses can have their own branded websites at a low cost and easily manage their content. Sites such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are free to use and have a myriad of free and premium plugins available to extend their functionalities. However, these platforms do not provide a space for businesses to manage their content centrally and tailor communication and marketing efforts to target the right audience.

Why Adding Alt Tag Is Important When Optimizing Your Website For Search Engines

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! use algorithms to determine which websites are worthy of being listed in their search results. These algorithms work by looking at multiple factors, including how relevant your website is to the search query, how many pages you have on your site, how unique your content is, and how many backlinks to other sites you have. So, how can you optimize your website to ensure that it ranks well in search engines? Well, the answer is simple: by adding alt tags to images on your site.

Google Sites Intranet Widgets for Contact Management

Shared Contacts widget for Google Sites
When you create a Google Site Intranet for your team or organization, it's important to be connected with the right people. Staff Directory and Shared Contacts are two helpful widgets.

6 Reasons Why Google Sites Is Better Than Wix

Google Sites vs. Wix image
Google Sites is a free and easy-to-use website builder from Google. It's great for beginner webmasters with limited time, resources, and knowledge. But why is Google Sites better than Wix? In this blog post, you'll discover the top 6 reasons why Google Sites is the best option for building your website. Read on to learn about these features and decide for yourself which one is the best for you!

10 Must Have Components for Google Sites Intranet

10 Must haves for Google Sites Intranet
Google Sites for Intranet are different from regular websites because they're only accessible to employees. This information is specific to your organization, with features that include organizational policies and procedures, an employee directory, training schedules and more. The best way to create an effective intranet is to have a set of components that are useful for employees.

How to Build a Discussion Forum to Your Google Sites.

Google Sites Discussion Forum
If you're wondering how to get more feedback on your content, conversations are a great way to do so. Creating a discussion forum in Google Sites is easy! Here's what you need to know.

The 2-Minute Logo Guide For Your Google Sites (or any other website).

Logo for Google Sites
Your logo is the foundation of your company’s identity, so it should not be taken lightly. There are many diverse ways you can create a great logo and don’t worry because we have got you covered! Check out this 2-minute guide on how to create a website's logo.

What You Need to Know About Google Workspace Essentials Starter Edition for Google Sites.

Google Workspace Essentials for Google Sites
Google Workspace Essentials Starter Edition is a free, fully-featured version of Google's online office suite. Workspace Essentials Starter supports up to 25 users, so it is better suited for small businesses. You can utilize Google Sites with this free edition.

Three Ways to Transfer Ownership of Google Sites.

Google Sites ownership transfer
Sites on Google can be transferred to new owners in just a few clicks. The site will automatically update and give the new owner all of the permissions that you had when you first created it.

There are three ways of transferring ownership for your site.

How to Use Email Marketing for Google Sites.

Email Marketing for Google Sites thumbnail image
To get people to visit your website, you'll need a digital marketing strategy. One such example is email marketing, which can help you build brand visibility among thousands of customers for little cost. Here are some tips on how to use email marketing to get Google Sites.

How to submit your Google Sites to Google in order to improve your search results.

Google Sites search SEO thumbnail
Google Search Console is the best option for search results. It's also easy to use and doesn't require technical knowledge. Here are just a few reasons why you should be using it.

How to Use Google Sites Manager to Prepare for Transition.

Google Sites Manager thumbnail for blog
Google switched from the Classic website creating tool to New Google Sites. Classic Sites is much restrictive when it comes to externally referencing JavaScript or CSS files in external files - whereas New Site's default provides this functionality with ease. The transition from July 2022 may be chaotic because of the different layout and format structure. If you want your website or blog to survive and thrive in this new Google world, make sure you've got a plan for how it'll look and function when we do go live!

The Six Reasons You Need A Designer For Your Google Sites.

Six reason for google site designers blog thumbnail
Google Sites is a free service that allows you to create and publish web pages. It's easy for anyone to use and it provides a wide range of features. The site has a clean, uncluttered design and it's easy to find what you need without getting lost in menus and buttons. Hiring a web designer means that they'll have ample time to work on your project and you can focus on being creative with your business. Designers are experts at designing websites and making changes as needed once it's live online. 

Why Google Sites Is The Best Solution For Your Intranet.

Google Sites as Intranet blog thumbnail

If your company is looking for a solution to build a private, secure intranet, Google Sites is the best option. It’s inexpensive and easy to create and comes with all the features of other expensive solutions. Google Sites offers many advantages over other options, such as ease of use, security, customization and scalability. It's not just for small companies; in fact, some large enterprises use it in their digital transformation efforts. We’ll explore why you should choose Google Sites as your solution for building an intranet. 

Mastering Google Sites

The 2024 Guide to Maximize Web Presence: “Mastering Google Sites” with 30 Surprising Things You Never Knew You could do with Google Sites. 

Available for purchase here.