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How to Use Google Sites Manager to Prepare for Transition.

Google switched from the Classic website creating tool to New Google Sites. Classic Sites is much restrictive when it comes to externally referencing JavaScript or CSS files in external files - whereas New Site's default provides this functionality with ease. The transition from July 2022 may be chaotic because of the different layout and format structure. If you want your website or blog to survive and thrive in this new Google world, make sure you've got a plan for how it'll look and function when we do go live!

The Six Reasons You Need A Designer For Your Google Sites.

Google Sites is a free service that allows you to create and publish web pages. It's easy for anyone to use and it provides a wide range of features. The site has a clean, uncluttered design and it's easy to find what you need without getting lost in menus and buttons. Hiring a web designer means that they'll have ample time to work on your project and you can focus on being creative with your business. Designers are experts at designing websites and making changes as needed once it's live online.

Why Google Sites Is The Best Solution For Your Intranet.

If your company is looking for a solution to build a private, secure intranet, Google Sites is the best option. It’s inexpensive and easy to create and comes with all the features of other expensive solutions. Google Sites offers many advantages over other options, such as ease of use, security, customization and scalability. It's not just for small companies; in fact, some large enterprises use it in their digital transformation efforts. We’ll explore why you should choose Google Sites as your solution for building a.intranet.