How to Create a Custom Google Sites Theme

May 17, 2022
Google Sites Custom Themes

There are some Google Sites themes that have limited customization options. While you can tweak them to change the colors and fonts, there are certain elements that are pre-defined and cannot be modified.

A custom theme on Google Sites gives you more control over how your site looks and feels. Not only does it let you make small tweaks, but you can also go wild with it to completely personalize your site.

This article explains what a Google Site theme is and how to create one of your own and manage them.

What Is a Google Site Theme?

A Google Site theme is a collection of formatting styles that are applied to your site’s elements, such as banner, color scheme, font type.

You can create your own custom theme or use an existing one. Like a color palette or a mood board, Google Sites themes let you express yourself and your brand through design. A good site theme can attract and engage your target audience, make it easier to navigate your site, and help you achieve your marketing goals.

You can use themes to create consistent design elements across your site, or to create a completely customized design. Google’s default themes are easy to modify and can be used as a base for creating a custom design.

How to Create a Custom Google Site Theme

The first step before you start creating your very own custom theme is to open a Google Site and choose the “Themes” menu on the right pane. If you want to create a brand new custom theme, click the “+” button under the “Custom” option. If you want to use an existing theme as a starting point, choose a theme from “Created by Google”.

Google Sites Themes menu options

Create the Base of Your New Google Site Theme

Depending on what kind of custom theme you want to create, you can start with any Google Site theme as a base.

Google Sites Custom Themes creation pages

You can add a logo, a banner image for the homepage, choose color schemes and font styles. In the case of themes made by google, you can use their default theme or you can adjust it.

Import your Google Site Custom Theme

Earlier this month, Google announced the import of existent custom themes to the new Google Sites.

Importing a custom theme has the benefit that if you have another Google Sites project that needs to follow the identity of your company, you can simply import your custom theme instead of copying the existing website. It's true that you can just copy a previously made website but the problem is that you have to delete all the pages/contents, which causes cumbersome process steps.

With the custom theme import feature, you can import your design theme with the same look and feel without importing entire contents or pages.

To import your custom theme, click the import button under the “Custom” option. Then you can choose your custom theme from the popup menu.

Google Sites Custom Theme Selection Popup

After you import your custom theme, you will see a screen similar to the one below. Notice that you have your custom theme added under the “Theme” menu option.

Google Sites with Custom Themes listing


Google Sites is a great tool for creating web pages. You can easily create a custom theme that matches your company’s branding and creates a great user experience. If you’re looking to create a more customized site, consider creating a custom theme. With a custom theme, you can completely customize the design of your site. We have made custom themes for Google Sites that are available for purchase or hire an expert for your completely customized website.

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