How to Build a Contact Us Form for Your Website That Generates Leads

September 21, 2022
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Creating a contact us form on your website may not seem like the most exciting thing to do. But trust us, it’s worth your while. Creating a contact form is one of the most effective ways of generating leads for your business. The more effective you are at getting visitors to fill out your contact form and click on the submission button, the more leads you will get from your website. After all, if people can’t get in touch with you, they won’t be able to buy anything from you!

What is a Contact Us Form?

Contact us forms are an essential part of any business website. They are a simple and easy way to receive customer inquiries via your website. A contact us form can be used to gather information about your business and products, as well as for potential clients to get in touch with you. Contact us forms are commonly found at the bottom of a website homepage or on a separate pages dedicated for contact information (such as “Contact Us” or “Customer Service”).

How to build a contact us form that generates leads?

There are a few things you’ll need to do to build a contact us form that generates leads:

1. Identify the purpose of the form:

You could use it to collect information about your products and services, or to collect email addresses.

2. Create a dedicated page:

Make sure your contact form is on a separate page from the rest of your website so that it does not distract your visitors from what they came to see.

3. Write a compelling call to action(CTA):

The visitor sees this content when they visit your website. It might say, 'Learn more about our products,' or 'Get in touch with us today.' Make sure your call to action is clear and to the point.

4. Include a brief explanation of how the contact us form works:

Make sure your visitors understand how to utilize the form and where to send the information. Do not inundate them with too much data.

5. Keep it simple:

You want visitors to be able to easily and quickly fill out the form. If they become confused, they will not finish the form and you will not be able to acquire their data.

Lead generation tools to assist with your Contact Us Form

Google Forms

Google Forms is a free web-based survey app that is included as part of Google Docs. Using Google Forms, you can make a simple contact form that links to Google Sheets. Each time someone submits a form, it is automatically recorded to your linked Google Sheets. Forms can be customized by embedding your company logo, background image, or color theme.

Google Form Templates

Google Form Templates: You can create a blank Google form or use a template


Jotform is a popular and robust web application that provides templates for contact forms, store forms, payment forms, and more. The app is freemium, so you can use it for free and upgrade for advanced features or submission limits. The user can also add payment and check out options, a Google calendar, zoom functionality, and more.

Jotform Templates

Forms, Apps, Tables, Store and even Approval templates are available

Jotform integrations

Jotform can be linked to Paypal, Slack, Zoom and many more.

Jotform and Google Form can both be embedded into Google Sites easily. Take advantage of Google Sites and make your Google Sites that generate leads and opportunities today!

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