How to Create a Good Testimonial Design on Google Sites: A Simple Hack.

Sept 26th, 2023

When consumers have a plethora of choices at their fingertips, trust and credibility become paramount for businesses. When someone visits your website, you have just a few seconds to capture their attention and convince them that your product or service is worth their time and money. One of the best ways to capture this is via testimonials.

Why are testimonials so important on a website? 

Testimonials are your secret weapon in this endeavor. They build trust and credibility by showcasing the positive experiences of your customers, offering real-world proof that your product or service delivers. Testimonials forge an emotional connection, address objections, and improve conversion rates. They also enhance your website's SEO, highlight your unique strengths, and provide valuable feedback for improvement. Encouraging user engagement, testimonials are the missing piece that can elevate your online presence and turn casual visitors into loyal customers.

How to Create an Appealing Testimonial Design 

Once you've collected testimonials from your customers, the next step is to integrate them into a visually appealing design. While you can hire a designer or opt for paid widgets, you can also create an attractive design without spending a dime. Here are two options to consider: 

Option 1: Convert Google Slides to Images and Create a Carousel 

The simplest method is to utilize Google Slides. Assuming you already have a blank testimonial design, insert an image into the slide and add text. Then, go to "File" > "Download" and select PNG, JPG, or SVG to convert the slide into an image. Finally, you can embed it into Google Sites using the Image Carousel feature.

Sample Testimonial Box Design

Here's an example of a blank testimonial image, and you can find a sample here.

Convert Google Slide into an image

Here's how to convert Google Slides into an image.

Google Sites Carousel

Remember to add alt text for SEO purposes!

Testimonial with Google Sites Carousel Example

Your testimonials will look something like this when integrated into Google Sites.

Option 2: Use Widgets with a Simple Script 

Another approach is to employ scripts and embed the code directly into your Google Sites. For instance, you can effortlessly embed this code:

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

font-family: 'Lato', cursive;

<p> - Kelly

“Vivamus sagittis lacus vel augue laoreet rutrum faucibus dolor auctor. Vestibulum id ligula porta felis euismod semper. Cras justo odio dapibus facilisis sociis natoque penatibus.”


Embed the code into the google sites

Embed this code snippet using the embed option.

Testimonial snippets for google sites

You can customize various aspects such as background color and font style to suit your preferences.

That's it! With these methods, your Google Sites will shine with beautifully designed testimonials. Happy designing!

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