How to align a Google Sites button to fit the button text

April 28th, 2023

Google has finally released alignment options for buttons. Previously, the size of the button was tied to the size of the group of images or text above it. The new release allows you to adjust the button size with the alignment feature, allowing you to align buttons to the left, center, or right within a group.


Prior to the update, it was not possible to modify the alignment of buttons, as shown in this example image.

Aligned buttons now automatically shrink to fit the button text, allowing for a button to be narrower than the group containing it. Previously, this wasn't possible and you had no choice but to use buttons that were too long.


With new update, you can adjust alignment and adjust the button size to the text

Credit: Google Workspace Blog

The new button alignment feature is being released gradually as we speak, so it may not be available on all Google Sites yet. However, it will be available on all Google Sites no later than April 27th. 

Updated on April 28th: Good news! The feature is fully accessible on all of Google Sites.

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Meanwhile, Google also announced other features on Google Sites,
such as Collaborator's cursor, Page Frame and customizable Sites. To find out more, please check their official blog article here.

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