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If you want to redistribute or further customize Google Site templates, you can do so with additional fees. A slideshow also can be purchased with additional fee.


What is Google Sites Templates?

A Google Site is creation tool offered by Google. It is designed for anyone to create a public or internal site to collaborate and share files.

A Google Site Template is a pre-built in website with a design, layout, and contents. It's like a website template and can be easily edited however you want.

Three Benefits of Google Sites Templates

  • Premium design: Each templates are uniquely designed with the best design practices by by professionals. We don't reuse past design works.
    • Instant Go Live: With just a few clicks, Google Sites Templates copied within your Google Accounts and share the site with collaborators
    • Maintenance: Built-in contents management functions enables you to manage revision histories, like a Google document, and lets you view and revert to earlier versions. Also, the User Guide helps you how to easily maintain the design.

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